Product Review:Nichido Pressed Powder in Gorgeous Salmon

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Hi again dollies!
The Holy week here in the Philippines is fast approaching so before the Holy week starts I'll just give you a review in my very first pressed powder and it is the Nichido's pressed powder in Gorgeous Salmon.

Sorry for the crappy image I just use my cellphone's camera here

Since that I don't know anything about cosmetics before, this pressed powder was given to me by my mom. If my memory serves me right, this is really affordable for only Php 100. It comes in a blue flip top packaging like any other compact powders.  The packaging is sturdy enough which is good. The sponge that comes with the powder is a cotton like sponge and I am not really a fan of it that's why I've never got to use it that much until the day that I got obsessed with cosmetics and learn to use brush and latex sponges in applying this powder. The texture of the powder is smooth but not that finely milled and it tends to be a little powdery so beware of fall outs. The shade of the powder is a little white to me so I need to be careful on not putting too much since that it gives white cast. If applied correctly, this powder will give you silky smooth and flawless finish which I really love. Since that it is only a powder, it doesn't cake on your face. I always get compliments with this powder saying that my face looks smoother. I am almost hitting pan of this product and hopefully the next time that I buy this, I can get the perfect shade for my skin. The only downside of this product is that it's not long lasting. You are lucky if it stayed to you for 4 hours. Because of the hot weather here in the Philippines, this powder just last me an hour or two but if the weather is colder, it will last me up to 4 hours without any retouch.

Swatch time
 Reminder: I did not use any concealer. I just moisturize and applied the powder using a latex sponge for more coverage.

As you can see the side which has the powder appears more lighter and flawless and it covered a little of my dark circles.

THE PRODUCT: Nichido Pressed Powder in Gorgeous Salmon
PRICE:  Php 100
PLACE:  Metro Market! MArket! (That's what my mom told me)
  • Affordable
  • Comes in different shades. I think they have 5 shades
  • Gives me enough coverage and flawless looking skin
  • It doesn't feel heavy
  • Didn't break me out
  • It doesn't last long especially on hot days
  • The sponge
  • It tends to be a little powdery
I recommend this to those who are looking for an affordable powder but has a decent quality. Maybe I'll buy this again since that it's affordable and does it's job.
RATING: I give this product a   4/5
THE VERDICT: It's really a good product for it's price and it's really worth a try.

I hope this review helps.

Have you tried Nichido's pressed powders? What do you think? Please let us know.

Take care and always stay pretty!

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  1. nice I'll buy this na... they never increased their price kasi khpon me and my BF went to Watsons 100php pa din ung pressed powder

    1. That is one good thing about Nichido. :) Their products are mostly affordable and of good quality. :) I hope that you find this powder good to you as well. :)

    2. I already bought the Gorgeous Salmon shade..Dame lang shades kasi 5 ata un...

    3. Yes they have plenty of shades. I hope that the Gorgeous Salmon shade will compliment your skin tone. :)


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