Product Review:Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #2

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Hello again dollies! 
Another review again from my favorite brand Etude House Today I will be reviewing about the cute blusher which is the Lovely Cookie Blusher #2  from the name itself it is really cute what more if you see the product  So here goes the Lovely Cookie Blusher #2

Even though that I already have a blusher that I've been using for such a long time, I decided to buy a new one since I wanted all my makeup products from Etude House haha  and who can't resist this cute little thing? I got this one during the Grand Sale yay!  So that means I got it for less. Good thing that they have a stock of these now because during the first day of the Grand Sale they just have the #1 shade.  The original price of this is Php 328 but I got it for a sweet price of Php 262 so how cool is that?  It has 5 shades and I got the #2 shade which is the Rose Cookie because I think it suits my skin color.  So for the review 

I really love this blusher  because of it's really cute packaging This comes with a puff that looks like a rabbit tail  and what I love the most is it has a ribbon on it  It comes in a quite sturdy cute small package that you can easily slip into your makeup pouches without consuming much space  This also comes with a cute box and I really love the design printed on it.

It also has a nice powdery smell that is not too strong. I like how it feels in my face  It feels really smooth. The color of it is not that pigmented though but it is buildable which I really love. It gives a not too strong color unlike my first blusher. This blusher give me a natural pinkish color on my cheeks and I really love it!  This is how it looks like when applied
Sorry bad lighting :( but if you look closely you can see the hint of pink

THE PRODUCT:  Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher
PRICE: Original Php 328 but I got it for Php 262
PLACE: Etude House Sm Megamall
WHEN:  June 18, 2011
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The cute packaging and the color it gives to my cheeks.
WHAT I DON'T LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: It is quite small, I wish it is a little bigger though.
WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: Yes, I sure recommend this one especially for those who wants a natural looking blush. I will definitely buy this again.
RATING: I give it a 5/5
THE VERDICT: This is a very cute and good product and I really love it! Ihope it will have more shades and it will be bigger! 

There you go dollies another review again!
Til my next post!
Stay beautiful dollies! 

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