Always been a Card Captor Sakura Fan

4:29 AM

Hello there my dear dolls!
It's been a while! Been into MIA again hence the lack of post! :p
Anyway let's make this comeback post interesting shall we? :)

Today let me share with you my obsession during my childhood. Actually I am still obsessed with it.
I've always been one of the girls who are into magical things. Me growing up, I've been accustomed to anime. (Thanking my bro for that!) At first I thought anime is for the guys then these magical girls came in. That's where I started watching Fancy Lala, Sailor Moon, Akazukin Chacha, and Wedding Peach to name a few. But there is this one magical girlthat captured my heart (not just clow cards) and it is Card Captor Sakura.

You can't say no to Sakura Kinomoto. She is beautiful inside and out and the people around her are lovable as well that's why this anime became my absolute favorite of all time.

I remember back in grade school where I hurriedly went home after class just to watch her and cried out when I miss an episode. (Kids are lucky today because internet is now everywhere. You can simply stream online just to watch a missed episode of your favorite show.)

I simply adore her, there is one time that I wanted to skate going to school and wanted my room to look like hers. I also dreamt of having magical powers just like her and fly my way to places that I've never been to.

Being a fan means collecting stuffs.  Since I am still young during that time, I saved up my allowance just to buy a few and affordable things of her. The only things that I can afford that time are picture cards,stickers and posters. My lovable parents also bought me a Kero plush doll, a mini Sakura figure and a Sakura doll. But my dream is to get my hands on her magical sealing key and sealing wand. Those were the only items available during that time and it is kind of hard to get/collect things of her so I just let the time passed by.

Fast forward to today, the anime world is getting to mainstream now and lots of companies are producing anime related stuffs and that includes my all time favorite Card Captor Sakura. That's when I decided to start collecting stuffs of her again and continue my collection. I got a few items now and will definitely keep my collection growing. For the longest time, I finally get hold of the Sakura Cards. Will get the Clow card next. :)
So here are just a few items of her, my collection is not that big to brag about but still I love them and I'm happy when I bought them.

Hoping that my collection will grow much more! Can't wait to attend the next anime event so I could get more Card Captor Sakura related items for my collection. :) 

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