Tamashii Convention 2015

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Well hello there my dear dolls!

Have you ever wanted to experience Japan's matsuri (festival)? If yes, I bet that you have heard Nihon Kenkyuu Kai's (DLSU's organization for Japanese studies) Tamashii Convention this year with a theme of "Igniting the Japanese Spirit" hence the theme of Japanese Festivals for this year's convention.

Being a Japanese culture lover, I am one of the few who is very excited about this convention. I believe that this convention will be different from other Japanese themes conventions like anime/cosplay conventions so I gave this one a go. To be honest, I wanted something different since that anime/cosplay conventions nowadays are pretty much the same and it is already missing the essence of the true Japanese sub-culture. I remembered my recent Japanese cultured convention that I previously attended was a blast! (Special mention to the Kawaii Philippines team for their outstanding job and success of the Kawaii in Manila 2 convention) I was really hoping that other organizers will also do the same style as what they did since that they very much featured the Japanese sub culture that I was looking for in a convention.

Since that the Tamashii Convention wanted to ignite the Japanese spirit in each one of us, my expectations in this event are pretty much high. But to my dismay, this event was pretty much like the other anime/cosplay conventions that I have attended. Sadly, it loses it's goal of igniting the true Japanese spirit. Nonetheless, I still manage to have fun checking out on booths and stuffs that they have for sale and display.

To be honest this is one of the reason why I go on anime/cosplay/Japanese conventions, to check out on some amazing and kawaii stuffs. I just love the feeling of getting something really adorable and kind of unique/rare.

Conventions like this are not complete without the display of some of the amazing toys that you will ever see.

Those BJD (ball jointed dolls) are really pretty and amazing. I always wanted to have one and will make it look like me hehehe. :)

Since that the theme for this year's Tamashii convention is Japanese Festival, here are some booths/games that you can try and experience.

Finally are the cosplayers roaming around in the event.

So sorry for the lack of pictures of the cosplayers, there are lots of people and the space is really small, hence a big crowd!

Stage Area

Even though the area is small and lots of crowd, the event is still worth checking especially if you are a huge fan of cosplayers and buying different kinds of things from fan items, toys, anime accessories, and even commissioned drawings.

So here are some of the items that I got

I only got two shirts from different shops and they all provided some amazing freebies. It was love at first sight when I saw the Card Captor shirt! I will always be a Card Captor Sakura fan! The shirt comes with a button pin and it was a Sailor Moon button pin which is not bad since I love Sailormoon as well. The other kawaii shirt that has a cat face on it is from the Kawaii Philippines store and it was made by The Mad Tee Party. I really love it and will get more designs from them. What I love most are the kawaii prints that are given as freebies when you buy at the Kawaii Philippines store. The drawings are drawn by the ever amazing and talented Chichi from the Little Miss Paint Brush blog.

Even though Tama Con didn't meet my expectations, it is still a fun event minus the crowd and small space. Anyway there is still room for improvement, I sure hope that the future anime themed events are worth my every penny.

How about you did you visit this years Tamashii convention? What are your thoughts?

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