19th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

10:37 AM

Hello there my dear dolls!

Another long due post but still I wanted to share this with you guys! :)
Who would have thought that you can only see hot air balloons on postcards or movies?
The 19th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival made it possible for you to see in close up this amazing balloons soar up in the sky.

It was a chilly and still dark Valentine's Day morning when me and my family drove all the way to Clark,Pampanga to witness and be part of this amazing experience. I've never seen a real hot air balloon before and is quite excited to finally witness this colorful balloons blown up and fly above the sky. Lots of people are already there when we arrived, we thought that we are already early but there are a lot more earlier than us! But still we are glad that we arrived early so we can have a nice spot to see these gigantic balloons. As the program officially hits the start, sky divers, jump out of a plane high above the sky! It was quite a nerve wrecking experience! I tell you I am scared for their dear life!

But the most amazing and moving part about the sky jumping is this,

A guy with the Philippine Flag! This is so amazing and moving, I feel kind of patriotic during this moment since that everything is at the right time! Our flag soaring high in the sky while the sun is rising (I didn't capture the right angle of that moment) gave me a chill to my spine.

After the sky jumpers comes the fun part, blowing up those giant balloons and watch them fly in the sky!

A barn balloon! So adorable!

Love this shot!

Do you remember Sonic the Hedgehog?

Mr. Octopus!

Goodbye doggy!

You will never go wrong with black!

Hi I am Little Boy!

and I am Little Girl!

We are going on a trip!

Since that the Clark International Airport is a huge ground, there are plenty more of activities for the whole family like plane shows, rescuing show, and drift show to name a few.

Dr. Drift anyone?
Lastly there are a lot of booths for you to get some food, refreshments and other trinkets/souvenirs.

With an event area this huge and lots of activities to do, you will definitely kill all the time and won't be bored. Just be sure to slather a lot of sunblock since it is an open area and you will be exposed to direct sunlight. Overall, this event is definitely worth checking out with the whole family! I believe that this is not the last and will have more future events to come so be sure to stay tuned for that if you want to experience this fun event and to see hot air balloons painting up the sky. :)

How about you dolls did you attend the 19th Hot Air Balloon Festival? Did you have fun? :) Please do share!

Take care and always stay pretty!


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