January Favorites

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Hello there my dear dolls!
I'm back! Another late post again from yours truly. :p

I've been to some family trips lately and I can't wait to blog about those so I am really hoping that you would stay tuned for that. Today's post is a really really long overdue post so sorry about that but still I wanted to share these favorites of mine. :) Hope that you will find them amazing so let's get into it.

As usual I will divide them into categories for an orderly manner and to make things look more interesting. First favorites would be about my beauty favorites.

I've been into burgundy colors during the holiday seasons and this nail polish just became my instant favorite. So let's give a round of applause to San san's Red Gleam Nail polish.

I love San san's nail polish, they are easy to apply, quite long lasting, affordable and I believe it is free of the big three. I was looking for this shade for the longest time and I was so glad that San san have this perfect shade of burgundy. I believe that this is also San san's new color for their nail polishes.

Next is an organic product and a brand that we all fell in love with. It is Human Heart Nature's Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Mandarin fresh.

My hair has been damaged pretty bad and I have been trying lots of products to improve my hair's condition. That's where I decided to try organic shampoo and conditioner for my hair and boy I was glad that I did. These products helps quite a lot! It doesn't do any magic but still it helped my hair's condition and these products smells amazing! I kid you not, I always look forward on taking a bath because of these. I believe these products deserves a product review so I will add them to my list. :)

Next favorites would be a fashion favorite. You know that I am the sneaker kind of girl so these amazingly girly kicks became an absolute favorite as well.

I got this pair of kicks from an Adidas Outlet at Clark,Pampanga. I love how pink and girly it is and also the straps that made it look even more cuter. When I wore these, it makes me look young and feel young! I just love wearing them pair it with a cute top and shorts :)

Next favorite would fall to the fitness category.
I've been quite obsessed with fitness activities so I got myself a very girly water diffuser.

I thought that I would have a hard time looking for this specific type of water diffuser but I was so glad that my go to department store, The Landmark has this and for an affordable price. I always have this with me and see to it that I drink at least two to three bottles within the day. Of course I have this bottle by my side when I am doing my dance fitness routine which is my next favorite.
Screenshot from Youtube
I've been looking for some fitness activity that can help me become fit and at the same time having fun so I stumbled upon these videos on Youtube and I was glad that I encountered these dance fitness programs. What I love about these dance fitness videos is that they are using fun and popular songs so that is a definite plus. My favorite channels on Youtube are Shine Dance Fitness and REFITREV so be sure to check and subscribe to their Youtube channels, I promise you they are super fun! ;)

Next category is all about movies and music.
Because  of the love month, why not watch sweet flicks to enjoy the love mood so Nicholas Sparks' books or should I say films become an instant favorite. For now my favorite would be The Best of Me. (The Notebook is my absolute favorite)
Image grab from Google

I love the story line of this movie and the locations are absolutely breathtaking and lastly, Liana Liberato is so pretty in this film. If you haven't watched this one, I am telling you that you should watch this!

For my music favorites, it would be Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony.
Screenshot from Google

I find this song really catchy and makes me dance to the beat so I just fell in love with this song in an instant. I also love this song when I am doing my dance fitness routine.

They say that save the best for last so I am saving my ultimate favorite music and also band, it's 5 Seconds of Summer's Wherever You Are.
Image grab from Google

I just love 5SOS! PERIOD! I just can't stop loving these boys and listening to their music is definitely heart melting. As of this time I am loving their Wherever You Are song and listening to it non stop.

So that's it for my favorites for the first month of the year 2015. Will definitely post my February Favorites on my next post so please wait for that. Once again I am really sorry for making a very late post. I am still in the process of adjusting and hoping that I'll improve this in the near future. I love what I am doing, I just needed time to prepare all of these things and being busy at home is kind of making me full handed, so please I am asking you for your consideration and hoping I can get the hang of this.

Till my next post my dear dolls! Thank you so much for believing and staying with me. I promise that I will give you something in return for all your kindness and support.

Take care and always stay pretty!


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