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Hello my dear dolls!

Did you know that good posture can lengthen your life?

Read on to find out how. :)

Do you suffer from back pain, joint pains and any other muscle or bone pain? Maybe your posture is the reason for your suffering. So let me introduce to you a product that I recently discovered. Thanks to Ms. Donna Chavez (BackJoy Brand Manager) in introducing me to their amazing products. So last Friday, December 12, 2014, I dropped by at their kiosk at SM Megamall to check out their products and of course try it as well.

I was glad that Ms. Rose, BackJoy's Sales Associate, Welcomed me with a huge smile and happily orient me with BackJoy's products.

So what is Backjoy? Let me tell you a story courtesy of Ms. Donna. :)

BackJoy owes its inception to a son’s passion to ease his father’s back pain and help him get back to fully enjoying life. In 1984, Preston Willingham embarked on a road trip with his father, Jim. What neither man expected was that the pain of sitting would force Jim to lie in the back seat long before the trip was over. Jim’s pain proved an inspiration to his son and ultimately resulted in the development of his first “sitting device”.
Fast forward 20 years to Hollywood screenwriter and producer, Bing Howenstein, who was looking for an opportunity to translate his experience in movies into building a lasting brand to make a difference in consumers’ lives. Upon introduction to Willingham, Bing immediately saw an opportunity to build a brand that could become a trusted ally for consumers looking to take greater responsibility for their health and wellness.
Today, BackJoy has evolved to becoming the posture authority that offers products for sitting, sleeping and standing for posture to produce life changing results. As we say, Change your posture, change your life!

With that being said let me introduce to you their very first product which is the BackJoy posture plus.

Product Description: A portable orthotic that relieves and prevents back pain by automatically correcting sitting posture. BackJoy Posture creates  Dynamic Sitting, which transforms any sitting surface into a comfortable one by stabilizing the pelvis and spine to maintain back health, engage core muscles, and encourage optimal posture.

For more information about the product, just click on the images above to zoom in.

My Thoughts: I would say that this is my most favorite product of theirs. There is something magical about this sit and I feel so comfortable sitting on it. I don't experience any pain at all and my back feels so light which I thought to myself that sitting in an upright position is much comfortable than sitting in a slouch position. What I like about this product is that it is so lightweight and portable. You can easily bring this along with you wherever you go which is a huge plus. I also love that they come in different colors and designs and recently launched their newest design which will appeal best to me. 

Introducing, BackJoy's very first cartoon character design, Hello Kitty!

This is definitely a must have for Hello Kitty collectors like me. I really hope that I will get this one as a Christmas gift, hehehe. :) Moving along, the BackJoy Posture cost 2,990 pesos for their regular colors and 3,990 pesos for the Hello Kitty and other designs. Not bad for a product that will be a good investment for your health.

The next product is the BackJoy Posture Sleep. I didn't know that sleeping has proper posture as well and this can help you a lot! It gives you more restful sleep and reduces snoring. How awesome is that?
Click the image to zoom in for more info

Product Description: The world's only mechanically patented pillow that self-adjust while you sleep. The innovative combination of Flexlight™ Memory Foam and LoftControlnaturally shifts and conforms to your body, providing optimal posture, comfort and support in any sleep position.

My Thoughts: This is the most softest pillow that I ever laid my hands on. Yes, hands not head because I am not allowed to lay my head on the pillow because I might fall asleep hehehe. kidding aside, I love the pillow's shape and it was purposely designed to align your head, neck and shoulder regardless of your sleeping position.

What is good about this pillow is that it gives you the proper head height which would be beneficial for your health as it gives you optimal sleep posture, reduces snoring thus resulting to a more restful sleep. Another thing that makes Posture Sleep pillow different from your ordinary pillow is it's two sides which the velvety texture side is good for air conditioned room while the other side is made of a soft cloth perfect for your regular room temperature. The best part is that you can remove the pillow case and wash it to your own liking.

If you love traveling like I do, then the BackJoy SleepSound is the best product for you. I believe that long flights or road trip is really strenuous and at the end of the day you'll realize that you already have a neck pain.

Introducing the BackJoy SleepSound Neck Pillow. This is one of their newest product that's why it's not yet featured in their catalog. 

My Thoughts: Moving on, the materials of this neck pillow is similar to the BackJoy Posture Sleep. It is so soft and washable too. The BackJoy SleepSound neck pillow is very different to the other neck pillows in the market because it is made of the softest memory foam you can ever imagine. I believe that ordinary neck pillows has bead like materials in it that during the long run, the neck pillow will have deformity in its shape. Another thing that makes the BackJoy SleepSound Neck pillow different to other neck pillows is that it has a seat belt like strap that will prevent it from falling off and also for making sure that your neck is properly aligned during your sleep. I believe that this will help in preventing neck pains and head aches during your trip so if you are a travelling person then I recommend this product to you.

Moving on to their next product,

Do you love going out shopping and at the end of the day you feel that your feet are already sore and very painful? Then BackJoy Comfort Soles is definitely for you.

Click to zoom in for more product info

Product Description: A feather light and durable foot insole that helps reduce knee, hip and lower back pain. Creating using our patented Applied Postural Science  BackJoy Comfort Soles reduce painful pressure points and heel strike by redistributing pressure from the foot into the insole.

My Thoughts: I've seen lots of  insoles in the market and most of them are made of gel like material and doesn't really help in giving you comfort when you are walking. The BackJoy Comfort Soles are different since that it is made of the famous Crocs shoes material. It is soft and lightweight and gives proper comfort to your feet. If you look closely on the design of the soles, it was specifically designed to give feet the proper cushioning to reduce impact on feet, knees, hips and lower back as you walk, it helps stimulate blood flow, gives proper ventilation to your feet to avoid smelly feet and helps in reducing heel strike pain to improve posture. The BackJoy Comfort Soles can fit to any shoes since that you can cut them by following the guide lines on the soles. 

So flat shoes without proper cushioning are not really recommended since that it can damage your feet in the long run and may cause heel pain or arthritis. To avoid future mishap, it is best to wear the most comfortable shoes that you can wear and with proper cushioning.

The next product is another newest product that they have released and it is the BackJoy StandRight.

Once again since that this is their newest product, it is not yet featured in their catalog.

The BackJoy StandRight is quite similar to the BackJoy Comfort Soles in terms of their use and materials. It is also made from Crocs shoes materials so this slippers are like a dupe of Crocs shoes and sandals.

My Thoughts: This is my second favorite among their products. Ms. Rose let me try this slipper and it just screams comfort and fashion as well. When I say comfort, it is really lightweight and comfortable that you can't barely feel anything on your feet. It's like you are not wearing any slippers at all! The BackJoy StandRight slippers are specially designed to give you comfort when you are walking and also helps you to have proper posture when walking and standing. This slipper also helps in reducing foot pressure as you step. I really love this slippers and if my wallet already permits me, I will definitely purchase this one. I believe this cost around 1,900 pesos  roughly 2000 pesos. I know it's quite costly for a pair of slippers but this would be a really good investment for your health. Always remember the saying "Health is Wealth."

Finally, the last product on their line is the BackJoy Kneeler.

Click to zoom in for more product information
Product Description: An Ergonomically designed knee pad that transfers the pressure of kneeling to minimize knee pain. Our Advanced Core Material delivers the same comfort of Crocsshoes to your knees providing pressure relief and total comfort on the hardest of surfaces or uneven ground.



My Thoughts: I have never encountered this kind of product before and this is quite new to me. I never knew that there would be a thing that can help you when you kneel. I believe this would be perfect for those who are doing yoga and stuff as it provides cushioning to your knees to avoid pressure. This product is also great when you are going to pick up things on the ground and hard to reach places where you have to kneel and bend. The BackJoy Kneeler is specially designed to have a contoured shape that makes kneeling more comfortable, acupressure nods that takes additional strains off the body, ergonomic design for cushioned comfort and pressure relief. This is also durable and waterproof that would be suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has slip resistant. When I tried this product, I didn't feel any pressure on my knees as I kneel. It's like the cup is so perfect for my knees that it holds them really well.

It was a nice experience to be able to try and know new products. I didn't realize that there are already a lot of innovations that has been made to help in improving your life and BackJoy is one of them. I really salute this brand and hoping that they will still continue in making more products that would help every human being for a healthier lifestyle.

I would like to thank Ms. Donna Chavez, BackJoy's Brand Manager for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime to get to know a wonderful brand that can help millions of lives. I also wanted to give thanks to Ms. Rose, BackJoy SM Megamall Sales Associate for accommodating me and patiently explained to me their products. I salute her for being a well informed sales associate. I rarely encounter this kind of sales associate that has knowledge about the product that they are selling.

To know more about BackJoy, visit their website at or like their Facebook Page BackJoy Philippines

Don't forget to visit their branches as well to try their products. I promise you that it is all worth it. :)

BackJoy SM Annex North Edsa, BackJoy Ayala Center Cebu, BackJoy Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Wing, BackJoy Kiosk SM Megamall, Selected The Travel Club Stores, Toby's stores, Flight 001 and R.O.X stores.

So let me end this post with a quote,

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