Product Review: elf Tone Correcting Concealer (Apricot)

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Hello hello my dolls! 
How are you doing? I hope you are all doing fine. Finally I got the time again to make a blog post and make a product review.

So for today's review, it will be my very first concealer which is the elf  Tone Correcting Concealer in Apricot.

 I had this for a very long time now and I got this during the time where I was just experimenting with makeup.
 Since that this would be my first concealer, I wanted something that is affordable but at the same time has good quality so I go for elf. Since that it was my first time buying a concealer, I asked the SA what shade will suit my under eyes. ( This is why I love my eye glasses because I believe this can help me conceal my dark under eyes.)

I believe that there are many types of concealers and I got a liquid type concealer. It has good pigmentation but it tends to be really sheer when blended. The product is not that pretty runny which I believe is really good. It has little shimmers in it which I think is pretty good for under eyes to highlight them and make them appear much brighter.  I can't really say what undertones it has since I'm pretty bad in describing it. I think it has an orange to peachy undertones. It has this distinct orange-y medicine smell to it which didn't actually bothered me. The only downside of this product is that it's not really long lasting. I think it just lasted me for about an hour during hot weather and about two hours during cold weathers.

Since it is a liquid type of concealer, it comes in a small bottle packaging with a wand sponge applicator. I think the packaging is pretty good where you can simply slip it in your makeup pouches. I always bring this before for touch ups and the print in the bottle didn't fade which I find good as well. The wand applicator has the right length which is not too long nor to short so that's definitely a plus. The sponge is pretty good as well making application easier.

You can just simply use the wand and swipe it on preferred areas to conceal or just dot the product on your face then blend away with patting motion.

I believe that this product has 4 variants. You can just simply google it or visit the elf website for more info.

I believe that this product's availability is almost available anywhere. Since that it's a drugstore brand, you can simply find them on drugstores like Watson's and other beauty section in the mall.


Before (See how pretty dark my under eye is?)

After (It pretty much conceals the darkness but I still want more coverage to cover up the darkness.) 

Let's see what it can do with blemishes or pimple marks.

After (Nothing really happens no matter how much concealer I dab in it. I guess that this is not really good in concealing those nasty pimple marks.)

THE PRODUCT: elf Tone Correcting Concealer (Apricot)
PRICE: Php 129
PLACE: Metro Market! Market!

  • Affordable
  • Neat Packaging
  • Availability
  • Easy to use
  • Has 4 variants to choose from
  • It pretty much dies it job


  • Not enough coverage for my liking
  • Not long lasting

I recommend this to those who are new with concealers and wanted to try a concealer. I also recommend this to those who are in a tight budget and wanted a concealer.

I think I won't repurchase this again since that there are a lot of concealers to try and hoping to find the perfect concealer for me.

RATING: I give this product  3/5

It's a good product for it's price and does the job but I do hope that it can conceal hyper pigmentation like pimple marks and I hope that this would be long lasting.

Have you tried this concealer? What brand and type of concealer have you tried? Please do share!

Take care and always stay pretty!

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