Product Review: Caronia Nail Polish in Cherry Bomb

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Hello again my dear dolls!
Got a free time again so here I am making a blog post about my very first nail polish. (Actually this is the 2nd hehe but I got my very first nail polish from the same brand.)

So let's not make the introduction too long to avoid boredom hehe 
Presenting the Caronia Nail Polish in Cherry Bomb.

Since that I was just starting with nail polish before, I opt to buy from a local brand first since that they are affordable and readily available in all beauty section of the malls even at drugstores. Caronia caught my eyes because of their neat packaging, long handle and lovely colors. I bought this one together with the Pink Passion because I want to use this as a top coat for that particular polish not knowing that this nail polish can be really good on it's own.

This polish comes with a clear bottle like other nail polishes and has a very long handle. This is the smaller version of the product that has 8mL of polish in it. Anyway I don't really need a bigger nail polish since that I want to change and try out different colors. You can clearly see the brand name at the front and the shade name and ingredients at the back. The brush is kind of small and doesn't fan out that big but you can still work it out.

The product has 2 lines which is the Regular and the Frosted. In my opinion the regular one is much better than the frosted one since that the frosted tends to become streaky making it hard to apply. This is the only frosted product which I didn't have problems applying. This particular nail polish is really glamorous because of its glitters. The color is cherry enough for my liking and the shade name speaks for itself. When applied on the nails, it's like a cherry bomb that will explode because of its glittery color. The product is long lasting enough with very minimal chipping and will take me a week before I remove it. It dries really fast as well but doesn't look that shiny on its own so if you want it a little shinier just apply top coat on it. It's pigmented enough for one swipe but you can always add another layer if you want a more bolder color.


THE PRODUCT: Caronia Nail Polish in Cherry Bomb (Frosted)

PRICE: Php around 20-30
PLACE: The Landmark Makati Beauty Section

  • Pigmented enough
  • Available almost everywhere
  • Affordable
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Packaging
  • Long lasting with just minimal chipping
  • Dries fast


  • The other variants in their frosted line is kind of hard to apply and a little bit streaky
  • The finish is not that shiny
  • Not big 3 free

I recommend this for those who just loves collecting nail polish and not really a brand conscious. I also recommend this for beginners who wants an affordable nail polish but I recommend that you buy their regular line first. I will sure buy their regular line since that they still have lots of cute colors that I really want.
I give this product a  3/5

Their regular line is pretty good but the bad thing is it's not free of the big 3 so I will just use it occasionally. Overall this is a good product worth trying.

Have you tried Caronia Nail polish? What do you think of them? Please do share!

Take care and always stay pretty!

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