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June Mini Haul

12:08 AM

Hello again my dear dollies! 
I'm back again for an another end of the month haul and this time it will only be a mini haul. I think of it as an accomplishment since that I manage to control myself on buying lots of beauty stuffs haha  For now I don't really need to buy beauty related stuff since what I have now is just enough for me. Maybe I'll buy a lot again some other time if I already have excess money to spare for beauty products. I will just remember what are my priorities for now so I can save money hehe

So let the mini haul start.

Actually it was my Mom who gave this to me so I don't really have an idea where she got this and how much are they. So I got an Etude House makeup pouch (Yay I really love this and I think that out local stores doesn't have this), a sample size of the ever famous Tony tint #1, and the Sophie Martin Lipstick in Ice Pink which I think cost Php 79. I also got a Mascara Remover from Etude House which I forgot to include in the picture.   BTW I am the one who bought the mascara remover haha I am already out of my Lip and Eye Remover from the same brand and when I'm suppose to get the same product, it was out of stock so I got the Mascara remover instead. Anyway I've already tried the small size of the product and it's pretty much fine to me so I got the full size. I bought the mascara remover during the Pure n Fresh promo and I got myself a Candy Magazine and a sample of the moistfull BB Cream yay!.

I am currently using the products now and can't wait to make a review of them.

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That's all for now my pretty dollies.
Take care and always stay pretty.

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