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Hello again my dear dollies! 
How are you so far? Hope that you are all doing fine. Don't forget to join my giveaway as well,it is still up and looking for the lucky dollie winner.
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For today's post is about the end of the month haul for the month of May 2012.
So let's not make this introduction too long shall we?

First I'll enumerate some beauty related stuffs that I got as a gift. They are only 2 actually hehe so I got my much awaited product and which is also in my wish list. It's the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipstick in PK005. My prince gave this to me as a gift yay and he is pretty good in choosing the shade hehe. He got what I really wanted yay!  Thank you so much my lovable prince I love you! Next I got a set of nail polishes from a'postrophe courtesy of my big brother hehe. Thanks Big bro!

Now let's move on to the stuffs that I bought with my own moolah haha 

From The Landmark Makati I got:

  • Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash
  • Huma Heart Nature Balacing Toner
  • Lory's Hair Cream in Shea Butter
  • Some Falsies (I fell in love with the case that's why I bought it hehe)
  • Pink cup for my DIY Mask
  • Finess Cotton Pad
  • Generic Lip Brush
  • Generic Nail Pusher (I really don't use this as a pusher but a cleaner to my toe nails)
In SM Megamall Watson's, Department Store, and Tony Moly I got:
  • Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Organza
  • Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner
  • Purederm Make-up cleansing wipes (I got this for buy one take one)
  • Giggles Baby Wipes
  • Aido Lipstick in N
  • Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask in Acerola and Collagen
From the Human Heart Nature Website I got:
  • Sunflower Beauty Oil
  • Purifying Facial Scrub
I can't wait to make a review of these products.

Take care and always stay pretty!

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