Product Review: Wet N Wild 511B Lipstick

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Hello again my dear dollies!
Since that my classes today will start by 6:00 Pm, I still have time to blog so here we go.
So here I am today making a review about my very first fuchsia lipstick and it's from Wet N Wild.

When the time that I started to love makeup and even start buying lipsticks, I always want to buy and try out fuchsia lipstick because I think that fuchsia lipstick is more better than red lipsticks and will still give you that girly and hot look. So I've searched the net for some affordable fuchsia lipstick that I could try and found about Wet N Wild so I gave it a try. 

I think this lipstick comes from their regular range which is the Silk Finish and it cost only Php 119. This is the shade 511B or known as Nouveau Pink. The Shade code is at the bottom of the tube which I forgot to take a picture. So sorry my dear dolls. Please do note that you can't really see the the name in the tube and I just googled the name shade of this lipstick. It comes with an ordinary twist-up tube with a transparent cap which I think is a really good idea since that you can easily see the color of the lipstick. What I hate about the packaging is that the lipstick doesn't go all the way in the tube so you really need to be careful when taking and putting the cap back.

The product is really creamy and slides smoothly on the lips which I really love. It is very pigmented as well with blue undertones. There are more other shades to choose from which is also pretty good. It is moisturizing as well but still I apply my lip balm first just to be sure that I will not have flaky lips during the day. It also gives a really nice shine so you can already skip lip gloss when using this. What I don't like is that since it's really creamy, it's not that long lasting and smudges too so you really need to use a lip liner as well and blot off the excess.The smell kind of reminds me of my mother's lipstick she uses when I was young and have a program at school. I think this shade of fuchsia will fit any skin tone and I just love using this on days that I am too lazy to put on a lot of makeup. It brightens up my face instantly and matches my eyeglasses perfectly. I will surely upload a FOTD using this lipstick for you to see but for now I will just show you swatches.

Bare lips (So sorry that my lips are not a pretty sight T_T)

Applied with one swipe

See how pigmented it is with just one swipe?  You can make the color more intense if you like since that the color is buildable but for me one swipe is enough. This is a pretty decent lippie for its price and I guess I will try their other shades.

THE PRODUCT: Wet N Wild 511B Lipstick
PRICE: Php119
PLACE: SM Makati Beauty Deparment

  • Affordable
  • The pretty Fuchsia Shade
  • Comes with a clear cap
  • Slides smoothly on my lips
  • creamy
  • moisturizing
  • gives a nice shine
  • pigmented
  • Comes with a variety of shades


  • The product doesn't go all the way in the tube
  • Uses product code as the shade name which I find it hard to remember and distinguish
  • Not that long lasting
  • It feathers and smudges
  • The smell kinds of reminds me of an old lipstick which our mothers and grandmothers use.

I recommend this for those who wanted to try an affordable fuchsia lipstick that will not break their wallet. Maybe I'll try some of their other shades and hoping that it will fit me.
RATING: I give this product a  4/5

It is a pretty decent product for it's price and will definitely try out other shades from this line.

What is y our favorite fuchsia lipstick? Care to share? I would love to hear from you!

Take care and always stay pretty!

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