Blog Update

9:28 PM

Well hello there my pretty dolls!

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. Lots of things had happened and I can say that I would be pretty busy now but still, I will find ways to update this little online space of mine. :) If you have noticed, I change my blog layout again into something of a minimalist style. To be honest, I am loving the clean look now hehehe. :)

So what's new in my life?
I am still the old me who loves kawaii stuffs, arts and crafts and the like. I can say that this will be more of a lifestyle blog now than a beauty blog, so expect lots of kawaii, fun and creative post that I will be sharing. :) I will definitely focus on sharing with you the things that I am loving. There will still be some beauty post but I think that it would be lessen now. My goal is to share things that would inspire and give a smile to your face. :) I do hope that my future blog post will make you smile and find it helpful as well.

Till my next blog post!

Take care and always stay pretty and kawaii! :-*

Love lots,

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