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Valentine's Day Haul

10:38 PM

Hello again my dear dollies!
Today I'm gonna share with you my Valentine's day gift from my sweetheart This is a haul as well since that I got the I Miss You Set from Etude House! Isn't he the sweetest? We've been into many ups and downs but still we remained strong. So without further ado I'll show you the gift.

I also got a rose from him yay! So love the gifts he gave me!  So here's what's inside the set.

I got a So Sweet Emery Board, Fresh Nailwash Safe, VIP Girl Nail Polish PK012, VIP Girl Nail Polish YL802 and VIP Girl Nail Polish BL505.

Good thing that it also has a nail polish remover because I am almost out of it hehe I really love the colors of the polishes and good thing that I already have a back up of the BL505 since that this is one of my favorite shades in EH polishes. Can't wait to use these lovelies and make a review. BTW I'm reminding you that this is only a Valentine's day haul and the end of the month haul will still continue so watch out for it.

That's all for now dollies!
Take care and always stay pretty!

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