Product Review:Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

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Hello again my dear dollies!
It's the love month so be sure to always stay pretty for your loved ones!
For me, I want to start the love month with a review post hooray!
For today's review, I'll review about one of the most rave body scrub in the Philippines which is the Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening body Scrub.

This body scrub is believed to be used by the Javanese which is intended for the bride-to-be to make them beautiful in their special day.

I got this for a very long time now and I almost forgot to make a review of this. Good thing that I have an upcoming review list here n my blog. So let's start the review shall we

This is the first ever body scrub that I had. I already saw this in Watson's and wanted to try it out even before the commercial with Solenn Heussaff came out. After I saw the commercial, it reminded me to buy this but when I went to Watson's, it's out of stock. So I waited for this to be available again and finally I got my hands on this. TV commercials sure is effective in marketing products. Anyways as soon as I got this product, I tried it out and loved it to bits. First of all it's really affordable for a body scrub. It is housed in a really cute tub where you can easily scoop off the product. This comes in two sizes but I got the small one first to try it out.
So here's the ingredients list and directions on how to use (Just click the image to zoom in)

This body scrub has a cream like texture and has some small white grains which I believe is the scrub.

What I love about this product is the scent. It smells like jasmine and with just the smell, you'll enjoy using this everyday.

When I got this, I used it once a week since that during weekdays, I am always in a hurry for school hehe All you have to do is scoop an ample amount of the scrub and scrub it to your desired part. In my case I scrub it all over my body especially at my back. After scrubbing, rinse it with water and you can already feel the difference. Your skin will be so soft but the softness is just temporary. After a day or two, it will be back to it's normal state but it's fine with me. I just love how it feels after using this and the good thing about this is that you can use this everyday. About it's whitening properties, I haven't seen it's whitening effect yet, but I do hope that with frequent use I can already see the improvements.

Now they already have 2 new variants but I read on some reviews that this is not as good as the green variant. I sure hope that they didn't discontinue in making this green variant.

THE PRODUCT: Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub
PRICE: Php 79 (small tub)
PLACE:  Watson's Market! Market!

  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Scent
  • The soft feeling it promises
  • Comes in 3 variants and 2 sizes


  • I can't think of any

I recommend this to those who loves body scrub and to those who are looking for an affordable body scrub. I will surely repurchase and definitely buy the bigger tub.
RATING: I give this product a  4/5

I really love this scrub. I hope that it's really effective in whitening because I need it badly with my dark spots on my back but with the soft feeling it gives, I just can't stop touching my skin after using this.

Take care dollies and always stay pretty!

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  1. How's the whitening properties of the product? I own one tub and i sure would want to know if it's effective or not. I kind of want to tone my skin, especially my legs and arms before graduation. :)

    1. Hello pretty doll Cee! ^^,
      Thanks for commenting and reading my post. About the whitening properties, sad to say I didn't see any improvements but with frequent use it made my skin really smooth and I'm loving it. ^^,

  2. is it really effective???
    i really white skin..!
    i hope... that, if i will buy this product...

    "i can see the result"

    1. Hello Carlo! ^^,
      Just like what I said to Cee, sad to say I haven't seen the whitening effect that it promise but I still love this product because it made my skin really smooth. But I'm still hoping that it can help in lightening my skin tone. ^^,

  3. making skin really smooth is definitely true. i like the product eventhough i just bought it yesterday :D

  4. now i know where to buy this scrub. i just hope it really whitens dark parts of skin like knees and underarms.

    1. Maybe with continued use it will help whiten slight pigmentation. :)

  5. Pede po bang araw arawin yung paggamit nito? :)

    1. Yes you may Jolina. :) It's really gentle on the skin naman which I like. :)

  6. Pede po ba arw arawin ang paggamit nito?
    Thanks :)


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