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Hello again dollies! 
I'm back! I miss blogging so much and I'm so happy that I had a time today to blog. So before 2011 ends, I'll make sure that I can make enough product reviews for you guys so watched out for it.

For today's review, I will be reviewing Etude House's Minisize U  Toner, Emulsion, and Serum.

I have this product for a very long time now and I didn't really use these that often because I think it didn't suit my skin type waa  Anyway these products are already discontinued by Etude House so for readers who still wants to purchase these can't do it anymore I'm sorry.  I got the serum set which comes in a 50mL pump bottle and a small 25 mL toner and emulsion which comes free with the set. These products are specially made for oily skin type and of course to minimize your pores.
Aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented rice wine sediment to nourish a tighten pores. Pore formulated serum moisturizes and subdues facial oil with silky,smooth finish.

First, I'll review about the toner.
This is the first thing that run out because I love using this. It is a liquid type of toner like most toners and what is special about this is that it has some kind of powder and when applied on the face, your face will feel smooth,silky and clean just like you put a face powder in your face. The smell is really divine. It has a citrusy scent that kind of reminds me of Frutos candy. (Filipino Candy)  It really cleans and doesn't give out a stingy effect which is really good and what I like about toners. Sorry I can't show you how the product looks like because I'm already out.  Anyway here is the back part of the bottle.
There's really not much written at the back since it's a trial product
 So far I really like this product but I can't buy one anymore so need to look for a better alternative.

 Next product is the emulsion.

 I really don't know what is this and what it is for but the SA told me that it is like a moisturizer. The scent of this product is the same like the toner. I guess this is the signature scent of this line. It is a cream like and kind of have a runny texture. You just need a really small amount of this product because a little goes a long way. What I like is that it is easily absorbed by the skin. I use this one every morning and the serum at night.

Next product is the Serum.

As usual the scent is the same and it is also has a cream like texture but not that runny. Even though the product is not runny, a little amount goes a long way as well and it is easily absorbed by the skin too. What I love about this product is that it comes in a pump with a cap which is really a genius idea for hygienic purposes.

 What I don't like is the bottle itself which is made of glass so you better be careful not to drop this one.

 So why didn't I use the Emulsion and Serum frequently just like the toner?
For some reason, it didn't control my little oiliness and it just made it worse. My face got oilier and this cause me to break out really bad. I got some little red rashes on my face so I stopped using these. Maybe if I got the guts, I'll try this again to see if there are improvements.

THE PRODUCT: Minisize U Toner,Emulsion and Serum Set
PRICE: Php 578
PLACE: Etude House Market! Market!

  • I really love the toner
  • The fact that a little product goes a long way
  • The pump bottle
  • The Scent
  • Comes with a trial Toner and Emulsion which I think is a good buy
  • It's not that really effective

I recommend this to those who love citrus scent in their products.
I give this product a  3/5

THE VERDICT: I just love the toner and hope that they will make this one again

So there you go dollies a review for today hehe
Till my next post!
Take care and stay pretty!

Happy Holidays Everyone and A Prosperous New Year!

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