I won Golly-Locks's giveaway!

3:09 AM

Hello again dollies!
Woah I can't believe that I rarely had a post in this blog for the past few days  I'm quite really busy with school now that I have a really hard time to squeeze in blogging. Anyways I'm here to share with you my winnings from Golly-locks's first giveaway Here is the link from her blog entry announcing the winner which is me yay!

 This is really my first time joining giveaways and I am so happy that I got lucky for the first time. Maybe this is what you call beginners luck hehe Anyways here are the prizes.

I was so happy when I saw my package when I entered our house. (Too bad I am not the one who receive the package)

When I opened the box, it was overflowing with really cute styro that comes in different shapes haha  So here's what is inside the box.
Ta-da! a very cute box!
Let's see a closer look of the box.

I really love my name written in it as well as Golly's name. I felt really special  Here is a closer look of the names.

So let's open the box shall we
Woah there's a  note *blush*
I felt even more special when I read the note that was written by Golly herself.

Now let's see my prizes 
Wow that's pretty a lot!
Here's what I got 
A Hello Kitty perfume

Yay an added collection to my growing HK collection.

Lancaster moisturizer (I'm not really sure if this is for the body or face :b)

Rachel K Lip Gloss in Lolita (As soon as I saw the product I just fell in love with it)

Falsies (Finally I got a falsies for my gyaru look)

Cute and fashionable earrings

NYX cream eyeshadow palette

Brizo BB cream

The Face Shop Collagen Eye patch

Essential hair treatment (I really love the model, she is kawaii! X_X)

Here are the Essential products

I really don't know what is this but I think it is an Exfoliator just like cure. (I need to do a research on this)

Rice Mask Sheet (I don't know the brand it is all written in Japanese X_X)

Dr. Morita eye patch

Dr. Morita eye patch

The Face Shop Facial Mask Sheet

The Face Shop Facial Mask Sheet

Eyelash glue

Bio-essence Tanaka White

Tanaka white moisturizers

a makeup pouch

a cute furry ring

a very cute cellphone charm (I really love the ribbon)

Phew! That's really a lot and I am excited to use them, especially the lip gloss hehe 

Thank you very much Ms. Golly for these lovely items. I really love them and will definitely put to good use. Follow her blog as well, she has great post and she is pretty lovely too, a real gyaru. Here is the link to her blog.

As updates for my blog, I am really surprise that I already have 26 followers. Thank you so much for your support!  Having 26 followers is already an accomplishment to me and I've been thinking of having a giveaway to thank you all dollies so just watch out for it. 

Thank you dollies!
Take care and always stay pretty! 

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  1. aww very lucky! the Hello Kitty perfume and the false lashes look really kawaii <3

    hope you have a good day :)


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