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Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012 September 2, 2012 (Last Day) + Haul

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Hello again my dear dolls!
For today's post is about my first ever cosmetics convention that I have attended and it's the Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012. I really want to go to the expo when I saw the poster on Facebook but like what I have said I still have some priorities with my money first. But in the end, I ended up being in the expo during their last day because of my family. Actually attending this expo is an accident since that my family decided to go to SM Megamall last last Sunday. I think this is what they call destiny hehe Anyway since I am already there and the entrance is free, I finally decided to enter the expo. Anyway I really wanted to see Say in person hehe

Since I don't want to go the expo alone, I took my big brother with me hehe I'm too shy to take my Mom with me since that I know she and my Dad will also have their date hehe So as we decided to check things out and found mostly Filipino brand beauty products since that IT IS a Philippine Cosmetic Expo hehe. What interest me is the booth by the Digital Traincase, Makeup Hub and other booths that sells imported brands. (So sorry I forgot to take note of the booths name waa) I also stumbled by Ever Bilena's booth where they sell selected products for 50% off! I was also surprised that Ever Bilena also sells intimates as well so I got one too because it is so affordable that I need to get one haha

After a few rounds inside the expo I decided to visit the Makeup Hub's booth again and so happy to finally see Say in person. Actually I'm too shy to talk to her since I don't know what am I going to say but I think she saw me looking at her and going towards her so she was the one who made the first move and gave me a very nice hello and warm welcome. She even compliments my dress haha and I feel very flattered. 
 She is a very beautiful person, not just outside but also inside as well. She is really a down to earth person and I really adore her because of that. So here's a picture of us (with my brother of course haha)

(Photo credit goes to Say)

After that I visited Ever Bilena's booth again and got a lot of products. They are so affordable that I couldn't help not to miss the opportunity of the sale haha. So Ever Bilena is to blame why I am so broke now haha

The Novelina's booth also interest me since that I am dying to change my hair color since that I haven't had my hair colored ever. But I am now broke that I didn't have the chance to try out their free hair color application huhu poor me  So I just decided to tell my mom about it since she wants her hair to get colored as well but as soon as we arrived at the booth, there are already a lot of people availing the service and they can just now accommodate one so I gave that last slot to my mom anyway I already got a box of hair color haha. Thanks Mom! She also got me another intimates from Ever Bilena yay! I really love you Mom!

Overall it was a really nice experience but there is one moral lesson that I learned from attending this event and that is, bring lots and lots of moolah! There are a lot of great finds that you sure don't want to miss so if I where you, you should learn from me hehe. I'll definitely save up now so when the time comes that there is another cosmetic/beauty event, I will have the moolah to spend spend spend hehe

So here are my Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012 Haul

I got two intimates from Ever Bilena, A Matte lipstick in Scarlet, An Eyeliner pencil in Natural Brown and their new BB Cream! Can you believe it's on sale too! I also got two free facial washes from them. Hooray for freebies hehe. I also got the Lory's Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate for only Php 100! If I really have the money I'll definitely hoard this because it is really such a great steal and it's a pretty good product too. Lastly, I got a Novelina Hair Color in Golden Brown courtesy of my Mom. I also got some samples as well from other brands.

I really had fun in my first ever cosmetics expo. I can't wait to attend this kind of event again.

I'm so sorry that I didn't take pictures of the event waaa the shyness in me rules me again huhu The next time that I'll be attending this kind of event, I'll definitely take pictures.

Did you went to the Phil-Cosmetics Expo? What day did you went? Do you have this kind of event in your place? Please do share! 

Take care and always stay pretty!

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  1. Nice haul! Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the expo...
    By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Here's the link:

  2. Super cute blog!


  3. Hello Lora! You have a super nice haul! :D It's always fun to attend bazaars like this. You'll love EB's Scarlet lippie and that choco variant of Lory's for sure! ♥


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