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January Haul

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Hello again dollies!
It's already the end of January and that means it's haul time once again!
Maybe you are wondering why is it that I don't have a December haul? Well that's because I promise myself not to buy anything for a month because during those times I'm saving up to buy gifts for my loved ones. So let's not make this post too long shall we?

I only got a few items this time hehe I am buying lots of things recently hehe that's why my money is divided to many things not just with beauty products.  Remind you dolllies I didn't buy all of these things at once and some are bought by my prince. and by my lovable grandma. So let's start enumerating

First I'll enumerate to you the things that I bought at The Landmark Makati
  • Nivea Angel Star Body lotion
  • Shawill Lip Liner no. 55
  • Nichido Loose Powder in So Natural
  • A small lotion container
Now the things I bought at Etude House Market! Market!
  • Happy Tea Time Green Tea Cleansing Wipes
  • Sweet Nail Nail Buffer
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Face Pack Brush
  • French Manicure Tip Guide
  • Etude House Petit Darling Nails BR310
I also bought St. Ives Apricot Scrub at Watson's Waltermart Makati and also during my visit at SM North Edsa with my Sweetie I bought a Tony Moly nail polish in NE01 and he bought me at Watson's a Marionnaud pointed eye shadow brush. During my visit at Robinson's Metro East with my grandparents, my grandma bought me a Careline lip gloss in 108.

I sure miss buying a lot of beauty products and when I say a lot, I mean very LOT! haha

There you go my dear dollies! Can't wait to make a review of these products. 

Take care my dear dollies and always stay pretty!

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